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Details, Details

A water feature that looks as though it was created by nature…

The perfect piece of sculpture as a focal point…

A garden so charming that you want to lose yourself in it…

It’s all about the details.

Great gardens are simply well thought out collections of details. During the design process a skillful landscape architect will consider many details. Those that work are included in the final plan while others may be edited out. With too many features a landscape can look fussy and confusing. Too few features can make it boring.

Every landscape detail makes a statement. Moss covered rocks say permanent, established, relaxed, natural. Clipped hedges and a grand fountain may impart formality, and stateliness. A colorful flower garden is cheerful and energetic while a lily pond is serene and relaxing.  Through the skillful use of details our sense of style is expressed in the landscape.

Rain, sleet, wind, the searing heat of summer, all will challenge garden details so it is important to choose and use materials wisely. Stone, brick and concrete are all strong enough to withstand weather with little care. Other materials such as metal and wood features may need a protective coating.Even plants need to be chosen for sustainability. A skillful landscape architect selects plants to be placed where cultural conditions(sun, shade, moist, dry) suit their needs.

Details should be sturdy enough to remain in the garden, uncovered all year. A snow covered fountain is a lovely sight as is a stone path strewn with colorful leaves in the fall. One of the compelling reasons for developing a garden is to enjoy the changing seasons and every detail should support that pleasure.

Placement of stone is an often overlooked detail. On occasion, when visiting a garden, I’ve seen a water feature or waterfall that appears to have been formed by an earthquake. Rushing water imposes a natural form and rhythm on rocks that should be reflected in man-made features. Natural rock formations have an order and symmetry that needs to be observed in the placement  of rocks as garden details. Wallace Associates landscape architects are highly trained and experienced in creating natural appearing water and boulder features.

Details make the garden. For help with designing and installing lovely and durable details call on the landscape architects of Wallace Landscape Associates Inc.

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