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Unexpected Situations

Our backhoe bucket slammed into a solid object with a metalic “klunk”. On further excavation we discovered a 1954 pickup truck chassis. Covered with rust and dents the old truck had been buried sometime ago, before the land had been developed as homesites, in this Wilmington, DE suburb.

While digging up a truck is an unusual happening, unexpected situations do arise during landscape installations. Managing these situations is one of the challenges Wallace Landscape Associates often faces. There are some common situations, such as striking an underground spring or a rock formation when we begin to dig. On one swimming pool installation we struck a long abandoned septic tank…not a good foundation for a new swimming pool.

All unexpected circumstances are not found underground. We had a newly installed perennial garden unearthed and totally destroyed by a passing flock of Canada Geese. A severe storm sometimes washes out in an hour what has taken our crew a day of work to install. Thieves took one newly installed garden. They struck overnight and our puzzled client called in the morning to ask if we had taken our plants back.

Wallace Landscape Associates has been in business since 1980…long enough to have seen many unusual circumstances.  When nature or fate creates an unexpected situation we make every attempt to minimize delays and extra costs. We all have a strong desire to make the landscape turn out as designed and to leave behind a delighted family enjoying their new garden. We want to be proud to place the  Wallace Landscape Associates signature on every landscape we install, even if we’ve encounter ed an unexpected situation.

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