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From the Window-A Garden View


The golden light spilling through my window draws me to look out on my autumn garden. At this time of year it reaches a peak of color. Cheery yellow Mums against sky blue Asters, burgundy blooms on graceful Miscanthis ‘Morning Light’ and bright red and yellow foliage on the nearby maple and cherry trees are all aglow in the crystal clear fall sunshine.

Around the pond and rain garden are several large Winterberry shrubs. Their generous crop of berries have already turned bright red. The foliage will drop off after the frost leaving slender branches lined with these sparkling red gems.  All winter, through ice and snow they will create a bright corner in the garden. I always cut a few branches for Christmas table arrangements.


The views from windows, always an important aspect of the landscape, becomes even more compelling as winter approaches. When it’s cold and icy and we want to stay indoors, the winter garden can lift our spirits with the warmth of evergreen foliage, the bright glow of berries and the lovely shades and textures of seed heads, bark and ornamental grasses.

I design my garden to be colorful, interesting and full of life all winter long. I look forward to seeing the curling yellow blooms of Witch Hazel with a cap of snow in February. A bouquet brings the scent of spring into a room. Lenten Roses will not bloom until the first signs of spring, but their lush foliage is fresh and green all winter long. There is a substantial list of plants that provide winter interest with foliage, berries, bark and branching structure. Also to be considered are sculpture, planters and garden features in creating an enticing winter view. Wallace Landscape Associates  landscape architects are well versed in developing seasonal interest in the garden.  They can help you to achieve views from your windows that will lift your spirits all winter long.

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