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Back to Nature – Swim Safely in a Natural Swimming Pool

Biological-pool-color-11.12.12As a little girl I used to hurtle myself off a rope swing into the crystalline water of the Pine Creek in Central Pennsylvania.  The swimming hole was a favorite gathering spot during hot summer days. As a result of those early memories of fresh chemical free water, I have never been comfortable with the strong smell of chemicals used in swimming pools.

Now there is a trend toward designing chemical-free swimming pools with refreshing clear water.  Our landscape architects in Pennsylvania are adopting several systems in wide use throughout Europe and gaining popularity in the US. These “natural pools” can look much like traditional swimming pools with poured concrete and geometric shapes. They can also mimic natural ponds with gently sloping sides and planted edges.

The same process that supplied the clean, clear water in the old swimming hole is one of the most popular systems for keeping swimming pools sparkling. This process uses shallow and deep-water plants and the water is pumped through filtration systems to clean water. Like a natural waterway these pools are biologically active.

There are several other processes that greatly reduce the concentration of chlorine needed.  If you are interested in chemical free living, ask Wallace Landscape Associates landscape architects in Montgomery county and  Philadelphia  about a natural swimming pool for your landscape. We also have landscape architects in New Jersey and in Delaware.  To view some of our traditional pool designs please go to

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