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Why Did I Wait So Long?

For many years I wished for an ornamental pond for my garden. For some reason I just never got around to it. Finally, just as I was about to retire, I had a lovely pond installed. It has increased my enjoyment of the garden many times over. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t spend time taking pleasure in the ever-changing, always fascinating pond and the wildlife it draws to my garden. Even in winter when it is frozen and snow covered the pond has a serene beauty. Many times I’ve said to myself, “Why did I wait so long?”

Whether we think we can’t find the time to move forward or we have made an assumption about the cost, we sometimes put off what we want most. As I drive through the Mainline I see many lovely homes surrounded by tired, worn out landscaping. New landscaping gives a lift to a home’s appearance and increases its value, of course, but the main reason for a new garden is the resident owners enjoyment. A lovely landscape makes a powerful statement about the care of the home and the values of its owner.

The addition of fresh new plantings brings back the excitement and pride you felt when your landscape was at its best. New planting techniques allow us to save valuable older trees and shrubbery. Have you wished for a fragrant herb or cutting garden, a fish pond with darting Koi, a swimming pool or more beautiful surroundings for your home? Why put off your landscape improvement any longer. Wallace Landscape Associates’ Pennsylvania landscape architects specialize in the renovation of older landscapes. They would be please to meet with you to discuss possibilities. We also have New jersey landscape architects with experience in beachfront properties.

And our design-build business model saves your time and relieves you of worry over the many details that go into producing a fine landscape. Contact Wallace Landscape Associates Inc. today to begin moving forward on the garden you’ve longed for. Meanwhile, you may enjoy browsing the lovely garden renovations, on the Portfolio pages of our web site.

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