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Watery Musings

I’m one of those strange people who loves a rainy day. As an avid gardener I worry when the weather is dry, especially at this time of year when plants growth is just getting started. So I’m enjoying the rain today.

We’ve had the past few days of warm sunny weather to whet our appetite for outdoor living. The warmth brought with it songbirds and my particular favorite the singing toads. My backyard pond is home to many of these beneficial little garden creatures. At this time of year they celebrate spring with a high pitched trilling that only stops when the temperature falls. Aside from their pleasant spring song, toads enjoy nothing more than a tasty meal of slugs and harmful insects. In spite of their not so lovely appearance they are a gardener lovers good friend.

Aside from the toads, my backyard pond has so many wonderful aspects. A few of them are the reflections of changing seasons, the playful splash of water and the magnetic beauty it adds to the garden. If you enjoy the song of birds (and toads) a pond will draw them to your garden more reliably than a bird feeder.  It’s nice to have a sitting area near every pond for the peaceful contemplation of all the wonders nature has to offer.

Every garden needs a pond or a water feature of some sort. Water has always been integral part of fine gardens. If you are considering the addition of water to your garden, you might enjoy browsing the gallery of water features. There is no better time to call upon Wallace Landscape Associates to design and install a water feature to bring added beauty to your garden in every season.


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