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Every Trip Begins With A Destination


I’m planning a trip to visit historic homes and gardens in Virginia. I’ve printed out a detailed map to guide me to my destination. Even with my GPS I have found I need to have a map in hand. The GPS doesn’t always send me on the best route and it doesn’t consider recent changes in roadways. With a map I can be sure I will reach my destination without a problem.

I’m amazed at how often we start a landscaping project with only a vague idea of where we want it to end up. It takes a detailed “map” or plan to arrive at your landscape destination in the most direct and satisfying way. For example you decide this is the year to install a swimming pool. So you call a pool company and they come out to take a look. Like the GPS, they have a series of pre-loaded plans…in this case it is the shapes and sizes of pools. One of their sales people may double as a “designer”, using those stock plans just as the GPS voice guides you.

But what if you want something unique…something to fit your family’s lifestyle and the contours of your property? A swimming pool is a large investment. Do you want to risk the final result being less than spectacular? Careful placement in relation to the house, practical and attractive decking solutions and even the pool shape and size need to be customized to fit your situation. The cookie cutter applications used by pool companies may turn out fine…or they may not.

So when you’re thinking about a swimming pool your first call should to be to a landscape architect. From the first meeting until completion he or she will listen to your vision and adjust the size, shape and location of the pool to your fit needs and your property. Unlike the pool company designer, the landscape architect will represent you and your interests throughout the installation and finishing processes. To achieve the spectacular swimming pool you envision call on the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland landscape architects of Wallace Landscape Associates Inc. With years of experience designing fabulous pools, they will insure the success of your project. To see a few examples of their work, click here.



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