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Hot, Hot, Hot

July is hot and August is hotter. This is the time to kick back around the swimming pool and keep cool.

Years ago a we bought a house with an older swimming pool. The pool was a stark rectangle set in a desert of concrete and it became increasingly unattractive over time. Tiles were crumbling, concrete decking had cracks and the pool needed annual patching and painting. Even with our spring spruce up, it was unsightly and difficult to maintain by the end of the season. We had some hard decisions to make…have the pool removed or have it renovated.

After a hot summer when we didn’t even take the cover off our pool, we decided it was time to take action. We chose to have the pool renovated, and we’re so happy we did. We enjoyed many summer afternoons with our family in the pool and wonderful evenings with friends at our pool parties. A few years later we had to move to another state for a job transfer and our beautiful pool helped to sell the house quickly.

A modern swimming pool can be a breathtaking focal point in the landscape and today’s swimming pools are so much more energy efficient and easy to maintain. If you rarely use your pool because it is outdated and difficult to keep up, consider renovating. Wallace Landscape Associates have restored the beauty and function to many older pools.

It’s a good idea to talk over your pool aspirations with a Wallace landscape architect this summer, while you are so aware of your pool’s deficiencies. Renovation is a cost effective and timely way to restore the summer fun of your swimming pool. While you’re at it you might add an outdoor kitchen or fireplace.

Picture yourself relaxing with family and friends around your new swimming pool. Wallace designers are fluent in many swimming pool styles. In Delaware, The Main Line, New Jersey  or Maryland call Wallace Landscape Associates for imaginative and cost effective swimming pool renovation.

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