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1-201Renovated entry garden

Subject to the forces of nature, dynamic growth and decline, a landscape is ever changing. An alteration in lifestyle often demands a landscape makeover. After a time even the best planned landscape may require some refinement and updating.

In the early 1990’s, Wallace Landscape Associates designed and installed the landscaping for this newly built house set in a wooded property. As the years went by, the builder installed deck and entry stairs became dated in appearance. A newer parking area made the original configuration awkward and resulted in a path being worn through the garden from the parking area to the entry. Over the past 23 years surrounding trees grew larger and the site became more densely shaded. As a result of these many changes some plants thrived, some declined or disappeared altogether. Wallace Landscape Associates Landscape Architect Laura Miller was called in to renew the landscape.

DSC00799Landscape before renovation

New entry steps leading from the parking area were the first order of business. Wide stone slabs mark the beginning of the ascent from the parking area. An attractive handrail guides visitors up a series of landings and gentle stairs, to the front door. Preserving the best of existing shrubbery, Laura added new plantings suitable for the heavily shaded garden and the woodland setting.

photo-e1376399364253Stone slab steps and boulders fit the woodland setting

The renewed landscape creates a pleasant woodland garden experience as guests and owners enter and leave the house. New stairs boast an attractive, but sturdy handrail and a small deck with built-in bench on which to pause and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The stone slabs steps and boulders blend the new construction with the setting to create a most welcoming and enjoyable entry garden.

photo-copy-e1376399409465A pleasant walkway to the homes entrance

Is your landscape in need of renewal? Landscape and swimming pool renovation is a specialty of Wallace Landscape Associates, Inc. Call on their landscape architects in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania to efficiently and creatively redesign your garden. They will preserve the best elements and seamlessly blend them with the new to refresh and restore the beauty and function of your surroundings.

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