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Autumn Is In The Air

Days are getting shorter and nights are refreshingly cool. Autumn is right around the corner and winter is close behind.

With the busy days of summer over, September is a wonderful time for strolling in the garden. Have you gotten all the enjoyment you want from your landscape this summer? Does it truly reflect your lifestyle? Would a water feature create a splash of special interest. Sweeps of spring bulbs are a glorious way to announce the arrival of spring. This is the time to think about next summer and the many pleasures of your garden.

Here are a few ideas from Wallace Associates’ Registered Landscape Architects:

Water is the number one pleasure-enhancing garden feature. Whether it’s a swimming pool and spa or a small fountain near your terrace, it will bring unexpected pleasures to you and your family. The cheerful splash of water, brilliant koi flashing in the sun, a serene reflecting pond, the laughter of children playing in the pool…which of these visions inspire you?

Herbs delight the senses with their fragrance and flavor. They can be grown in a special bed designated just for them or they add a wonderful dimension to other plantings. The sensual fragrance of French Lavender, the wonderful flavors of fresh basil and cilantro…there is nothing like fresh herbs grown in your own garden. When you think about it, why not add ornamental peppers, lime green leaf lettuce or a highly ornamental blueberry bush or two.

Make your garden a statement of your personal style by adding sculpture, artwork or furnishings. A privacy fence can become the canvas for a striking mural, a beloved piece of sculpture adds a focal point and makes your garden more personal and interesting. Maybe you enjoy entertaining guests in your garden. Small conversation groupings with a few chairs and perhaps a table will make your garden as hospitable as your home.

Lighting extends the pleasure of your garden. The night garden, with its swaying shadows and rustling leaves, is thrilling. Lighting can create a warm, intimate “room” on the terrace or it can improve visibility and safety on a walk or driveway. Well designed lighting can turn your house into a dramatic focal point in your landscape.

If you are considering an improvement to your landscape this year, call Wallace Associates today. A free consultation with a Wallace Landscape Architect will help you to clarify your vision and move toward your goal. If spring bulbs are on your mind, now is the time to act. Most bulbs must be planted in the cool days of autumn to bloom the following spring, so time is running out. Wallace Associates has experienced landscape architects in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. Call for a consultation today at 610-444-6161.

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