A garden is a highly creative process, which begins with discovery. Our landscape architect (the designer) must come to understand you, your needs and desires and the physical characteristics of your property. An important part of their role is to guide you and help you articulate what your landscape means to you, and then apply their expertise and experience to transforming  your vision into your reality.



After you have approved a preliminary concept plan, the designer will prepare detailed drawings and a project contract for the installation phases. The landscape architect will walk-through the plan and the contract in detail, explaining what the process is, the specifics so you clearly understand exactly what is entailed, and what you’ll be completing in this project. Your questions are welcomed and valued as we co-create the plan for your project.



A great strength of Wallace Landscape Associates is that we, as a landscape design and build firm, manage the entire installation process without disconnect. Our landscape architects collaborate with you as they design and oversee every step of the installation. This approach maintains vision, intent, budget and schedules. If the need for a change arises, we work closely with you to minimize disruption to the flow of work. With a single source landscape design and build partner, our communication is easy and immediate.

Whether your home is a historic Philadelphia townhouse, a Mainline estate, or an Eastern Shore farmhouse, we have been developing gardens and landscapes of distinction to enhance fine properties for over 30 years.



Over seasons and over time your garden will change as plants grow, materials weather, storms surge and the sun beats down. Our mission at Wallace Landscape Associates is to be here to help you understand and manage the exciting journey that starts with your new landscape. We strive to understand your needs and to design the landscape you envision. We implement the installation process, make adjustments as necessary and we are there to assist and reassure you for years to come.


We understand there’s a lot for you to consider when selecting the right-fit landscape design and build partner for you and your property. Below, we’ve compiled many of the questions we often hear from our clients when they are making their decision.

Of course, we’d prefer to speak with you about our residential design, construction, and fine garden maintenance services, so please give us a call soon.

Why should I choose a design and build firm?

Accountability, efficiency and reduced stress are important reasons to use a design build firm. With a single source landscape design and build firm, the entire installation is managed by one team under the direction of the landscape architect.

The landscape architect who best understands your vision, budget and schedules, is your contact throughout the installation. Supervision and communication are integral parts of your contract so you are not billed for every phone call or site visit.


How will YOU prepare a design that suites my tastes?

Meeting you is the first step in the design process. Our landscape architects will spend time in understanding your vision for the landscape and what features your family would enjoy.

Next they will familiarize themselves with your site and note existing features, drainage, privacy issues, soils and local ordinances. Back at the drawing board they will apply their knowledge, experience and creativity to produce a plan that achieves your vision.

WE'RE BUSY. How should WE prepare for our meeting?

Before we meet, think about what is important to you and what you like in the landscapes you see every day. Jot down a few notes about how you will use the landscape. Some people take photos or gather magazine articles that convey what they admire in garden designs. Also, think about what you don’t like, and be sure to let us know.

Your specific, clear and concise guidance increases the designer’s efficiency and assures the outcome you desire.

After the installation is completeD, then whaT?

Over time your garden will transform. Every season will bring new and refreshing changes. Wallace Landscape Associates designs for permanence and we will be there to help you understand and manage the natural changes that take place through the seasons and over time. We will provide instruction so that new plantings are established.

Our professional fine gardening maintenance is available to keep your garden growing and thriving as it should.

We work long hours, Is a garden of value to us?

The rewards of a fine garden are not confined to only daylight hours.

A warming soak in the spa, a rejuvenating swim, or a peaceful drink on the terrace, perhaps in conversation with others, are wonderful ways to transition from the pressures of the day.

In the subtle lighting of the night garden, business entertaining takes on an intimate, relaxed quality. A distinctive garden reflects your good taste and your success.

Weekends can be reclaimed. Precious time to unwind in the privacy of your surroundings, read a good book, enjoy family and friends at the pool, or dining alfresco throughout the temperate seasons.


Download our ENVISION Planner. Use this dreaming guide to begin to discover your imagination, conceptualize what’s possible, and envision what moments you want to create.

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