Exquisite Water Features

You Had Me at Water Feature

Every garden should have a water feature. It can be a serene reflecting pool or the playful splashing of water over a hand crafted water wall, such as this one in Chester Springs PA. The country charm of this springhouse near West Chester, PA, features a stone bridge over a rushing stream. There is nothing like a water feature to set a mood, lift spirits, mask traffic noise and to make a garden unique.

Throughout history water has been the defining feature of many gardens. A water feature may include sculpture, plants, fish and other aquatic life. Birds are drawn to water as bees to honey. Fountains are a tried and true way of adding splash and sparkle to the landscape. They come in a variety of styles and sizes from simple to ornate, modern or antique and they are easy to install and to maintain.

Nothing is as inviting in the garden as a skillfully designed water feature. It will become the favored place to linger and enjoy the many moods of water throughout the day and the seasons.