The garden is lovely today. Early Daffodils and Magnolias have given way to tulips, bluebells and azaleas. Spring brings wave after wave of colorful blooms to chase away winter’s chill. Who can resist the urge to get out and enjoy the fresh fragrances, the tender green of emerging leaves and the gentle warmth of a spring day.

Now that spring is in full throttle the long warm days of summer are not far away. Spring rains keep our gardens looking fresh and lovely. Along with summer’s  warmth often comes dry weather. That lush landscape may end up looking weary from a lack of sufficient moisture. Now is the time to make sure your irrigation system is in good operating condition.

Expert maintenance is the secret to a beautiful, thriving landscape. Even a low maintenance landscape needs expert attention to retain its charm. Timely watering, fertilization, correct pruning and weed control are all important to keeping a landscape fresh and lovely.  An inexperienced maintenance person can do great damage. Fertilizer can burn, improper pruning can destroy the integrity of plants and untrained crew members may remove emerging perennials, thinking they are weeds.

That is why Wallace Landscape Associates has a maintenance division. We want the landscapes we install to grow more satisfying with each season. To achieve that goal, we have well trained technicians to  install and maintain irrigation systems. Our professional gardeners are degreed horticultural professionals. The same quality standards we apply to installation are  equally applied to our maintenance staff. If it is important to you to have an immaculate landscape, please talk to your Wallace Associates landscape architect about your maintenance needs. Our schedule does get full so call today. Wallace Landscape Associates in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland phone 610-444-6161 or email to make an appointment.