Introducing Matthew Hudecki

Professional Gardening

We are proud to announce the newest member of our professional gardening staff, Matthew Hudecki. Matthew comes to Wallace Landscape Associates from his position as an assistant horticulturist at the renowned Chanticleer Gardens where he was in charge of maintaining the gardens.  Matthew also worked at the Philadelphia Botanic Gardens as a staff horticulturist where he learned invaluable experience in establishing botanic gardens including garden layout, planting design and horticultural practices.  As a graduate of Delaware Valley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture, Matthew took courses in plant science and sustainable agriculture.  Matthew grew up in suburban Philadelphia and his love of plants and nature has been an enduring interest in his life.


Niki Davis

Professional Gardening


Niki Davis has been with Wallace Landscape Associates for over 10 years as our lead horticulturist and Purchasing Manager. Niki is responsible for purchasing all plant material for design installations as well as overseeing the maintenance of our residential client properties. Niki’s extensive knowledge of plants and the local ecology combined with her attention to detail is what makes her a leader in the industry.  In addition to her horticultural work she oversees and manages the installation of all the outdoor landscape lighting projects for Wallace Landscape Associates.

Niki Davis has Bachelors of Science degree in Landscape Contracting with a minor in horticulture from the Pennsylvania State University.

What is Professional Gardening?

Most homeowners envision relaxing in their yards surrounded by beautiful gardens, however, they don’t think about all the weeding and pruning it takes to keep their gardening looking good and thriving.

The underlying secret to a garden that grows more beautiful year after year is professional maintenance. A professional gardener knows how to prune to maintain the landscape at its best. They know when and what to feed for maximum health and beauty. Even something as simple as mulching can hurt or enhance the health of a plant. Summer container plantings can be spectacular or border on mundane. Trained professionals make all the difference.  There are hundreds of maintenance companies vying for work, but educated, professional gardeners are in short supply. Wallace Landscape Associates is lucky to have several of the best on staff ready to help your property look and be its best.

Are you and your garden ready for the growing season? It may seem cold and dreary now, but February is actually a great time to start planning for the spring.  We recommend making a list of needed improvements and schedule a short consult with one of our landscape architects so you and you garden can be ready when spring finally arrives.

Why You Need a Professional Gardener:

Enjoy The Time In Your Garden Rather Than Just Working In It

Even low maintenance gardens need some work each week during the growing season. Then there’s spring cleanup, fall maintenance, winterizing, and planning for next year. Hiring a professional gardener means you can increase your time spent on other things rather than spending it pulling weeds. Even if you enjoy some garden work, you can still hire a gardener to do a portion of the hard work so that you are able to enjoy your garden fully.


Knowledge and Experience

When you hire a professional gardener, you’re paying for their knowledge and hard work. There are lots of ‘landscapers’ out there, but it takes good education, experience, and great interest to become a professional who has the necessary skill set to take care of a garden properly. Hiring a professional gardener can make a dramatic difference in the look of your landscape.

A professional gardener knows how to prune to maintain the landscape at its best. Improper pruning may cause a plant to become misshaped or unhealthy. They know when and what to feed for maximum health and beauty. Even something as simple as mulching can hurt or enhance the health of plants.


Year-Round Service Offerings

A professional gardener will know how to make a garden interesting throughout the whole year. Starting in late March or early April, our professional gardeners will prepare your garden to welcome spring and keep it lovely all season. We also provide bi-weekly, weekly or even monthly visits that include watering, weeding and dead heading to keep your plants thriving through the summer months. A thorough clean up in the fall is advisable. It not only keeps your landscape looking good, it helps keep plantings healthy by removing dead leaves that may harbor insects or disease vectors and will prepare your garden for its winter slumber.

Other services that our professional gardeners provide is the application of dear repellant, herbicides, fertilization and seasonal container plantings.


Minimize Mistakes

Expert maintenance is the secret to a beautiful, thriving landscape. Even a low maintenance landscape needs expert attention to retain its charm. Timely watering, fertilization, correct pruning and weed control are all important to keeping a landscape fresh and lovely.  Fertilizer can burn, improper pruning can destroy the integrity of plants and untrained crew members may remove emerging perennials, thinking they are weeds.

One of the costliest mistakes in gardening is using plants that are not ideal for the garden’s location and climate (lighting, exposure, soil conditions, existing pests and climate). This could mean plants dying, plants that require too much maintenance, invasive plants that takes over, or putting in a large plant that will outgrow the space in a couple of years. Poorly placed plants become liabilities, requiring expensive pest treatments, frequent pruning or complete removal long before they have fulfilled their natural life spans.


Wallace Landscape Associates professional gardening service grew from an organic need to maintain its client’s landscapes designs after installation. We want the landscapes we install to grow more satisfying with each season. To achieve that goal, we have well trained technicians to install and maintain your garden. Our professional gardeners are degreed horticultural professionals. The same quality standards we apply to installation are equally applied to our maintenance staff.

Our schedule does get full, so call today.