I just came in from the garden with my basket full of fresh lettuce, spring onions, radishes, mint and cilantro. Before coming in I stood in the strawberry patch and ate my fill. There is nothing like ripe strawberries, fresh from the garden. Those hard, red lumps that pass for strawberries in the supermarket are a poor second compared to the real thing…juicy, fragrant and luscious. It’s the same for tomatoes. There is nothing like a juicy, sweet tomato grown in your own garden.

Growing healthy organic vegetables is not as hard as you might believe. Raised beds, filled with good soil insure successful harvests. If you have young children, it is a perfect way to introduce them the wonders of nature. They are more likely to enjoy eating vegetables when they have taken part in the process from sprouting seeds to picking ripe berries and vegetables.

If you are really serious about healthful eating, you could raise a few chickens for fresh organic eggs. Chickens don’t fit into every neighborhood, and they are more challenging than a vegetable garden, but you’ve never tasted eggs like those freshly gathered from your free range hens.


When you think of Wallace Associates Inc., you may think of swimming pools, water features and fabulous gardens, but we also design and build practical gardens for food production. The demand is growing stronger as people learn of the risks in our food supply and the environmental costs of shipping food around the world. There are also those who, like me, enjoy the process of growing food and who like cooking with the freshest and tastiest ingredients. You may enjoy it too.

If you have been thinking of growing your own vegetables discuss it with a Wallace landscape architect. They can help you determine the best location for production and design an attractive and easily maintained plot. To get started today phone 610-444-6161.