New leaves emerge in soft shades of green. Bright shoots pierce the earth, marking the gardens where colorful flowers will soon bloom. Watching daffodils blow in the breeze you think. “This is where I belong”. Here with the surroundings you have chosen, where your true self is expressed, you are at ease, comfortable, safe.

Home is never more appreciated than in turbulent times. In our own private refuge, snug and warm, we shelter from the worries of the world. “Shelter in Place” becomes an opportunity to enjoy such simple pleasures as relaxed family dinners. During evenings of telling stories in the warm glow of a fire pit we begin to really listen to each other again.Bike rides become an adventure, with the only destination that of returning home.

Spring turns to summer and the swimming pool becomes the center of family fun. No need to fly off to a remote island to enjoy sun, splashing and fun with our loved ones. We have our own private resort, easy and even more enjoyable. No airport delays and unpleasant lines. Just step outside and enjoy. If you have been thinking about a pool, this might be a good time to plan and start the process of having it installed.

These stressful times will pass, but the appreciation that our home is our personal refuge will linger. The renewed awareness of all that we have created and the closer ties with those we love will have us looking back on this time with pleasure. And time spent at home could give you some ideas for ways to enrich the experience. A hobby garden, an ornamental pond, a golf tee or a tennis court…whatever you’re thinking about Wallace Landscape Associates, Inc. is there for you…helping to make home your chosen destination.