In the month of July Wallace Landscape Associates has been honored twice. First there was the “Best of Style” award from Philadelphia Style Magazine and then the website Houzz recognized Wallace with their “Best of Houzz” award. It’s nice to have the hard work and dedication of our employees recognized both locally and nationally.

 I recently had a Wallace Landscape Associates crew complete a small project at my house. It was very clear to me why Wallace is so frequently awarded and honored for the quality of their installations. The crew arrived on time with all the tools and materials needed for the day’s work. The truck was clearly marked with the Wallace logo and the workers all wore Wallace logo shirts. It is important to know who is working on your property today.

 The foreman greeted me courteously and listened attentively, asking questions to be sure he understood exactly what was to be done.

Normally the crew foreman would be consulting with the Wallace landscape architect who designed the project or with the construction manager, but mine was a small project that I had designed myself.

 While we walked through the project the crew was busy unloading the truck and preparing to get to work and get to work they did. I had to leave for a luncheon meeting and returned to find the project done and the work site beautifully restored.

 A job that might have taken a week for me to complete was done in less than a day by these experienced landscapers. Of course, they are equipped with all the right tools and power equipment needed to work quickly and efficiently and they are trained and experienced. Beyond that is the fact that they take great pride in their work.

 They adhere to a high standard of excellence in producing the project and leaving the site in immaculate condition. That is the Wallace way of doing things and our hard working field personnel make a large contribution to our success.