It is a thousand small, everyday acts that make our world a better place. One example is the creation of a residential rain garden. A rain garden is designed to capture storm water run off, filter impurities from the water through layers of mulch and amended soil and return it to the groundwater. It can prevent wash-outs, damp areas and small stream flooding while renewing ground water. A rain garden is a creative way of addressing drainage issues and at the same time renewing clean ground water resources.

What Is A Rain Garden? A small rain garden is part of the larger landscape.

By conserving water now we will help to insure a plentiful supply for the future. Rain gardens have been in the news lately as municipalities, corporations and other public entities establish them as a way of solving water problems and improving the environment. Homeowners are jumping on the bandwagon as they realize that a lovely, low maintenance planting can contribute so much to conserving our most precious element–water.

What Is A Rain Garden?Native plants thrive in a colorful rain garden

Wallace Landscape Associates Inc, was an early leader in designing and installing rain gardens in the Delaware Valley. Many examples of our work have matured, adding beauty and function to home landscapes. We were so impressed with this technique for solving water problems that I wrote a book to spread the word.

What Is A Rain Garden?Soil prepared, a new rain garden is ready for planting.(Photo by Laura Miller RLA)

A rain garden can be designed to suit any taste or style of landscape. They can be formal, cottage garden or native meadow in style. If you wish to develop a rain garden on your property, call on the landscape architects of Wallace Landscape Associates Inc.

What Is A Rain Garden?River Birch and moisture loving plants capture runoff from a driveway in SE Pennsylvania.

What Is A Rain Garden?A new rain garden beautifies the landscape while improving the environment.

For more information on rain gardens see “The Rain Garden Planner” by Terry Wallace; 2009 by Schiffer Publications, or from most book sellers.

What Is A Rain Garden?