Here in the Mid-Atlantic Region we have enjoyed another beautiful fall. Sad to say it’s over and winter is upon us. A fleeting November snow reminded us to check the tires, get in a supply of garden friendly ice melter, find the snow shovels and gloves in preparation for cold weather.

Before holiday activities get into full swing and while summer is fresh in our minds, this is an ideal time to take stock of your landscape. Does your garden welcome guests with a wide, easily navigated walkway? Is it fascinating to you in every season? Is 2015 the year for adding a water feature or a swimming pool to your landscape?

The underlying secret to a garden that grows more beautiful year after year is professional maintenance. A professional gardener knows how to prune to maintain the landscape at its best. They know when and what to feed for maximum health and beauty. Even something a simple as mulching can hurt or enhance the health of plants. Summer container plantings can be spectacular or mundane. Trained professionals make all the difference

There are hundreds of maintenance companies vying for work, but educated, professional gardeners are in short supply. Wallace Landscape Associates is lucky to have several of the best on staff. Their schedules fill quickly so don’t wait to make your maintenance needs known. And while you are thinking of your landscape, make a list of needed improvements and in the short chilly days of January arrange to meet with a Wallace landscape architect to get spring landscaping under way.