I find autumn to be the best time for planning next year’s garden improvements. The summer is fresh in my mind and I know what worked well and what was missing from my outdoor areas. Fall is also one of the nicest times to get out and enjoy the garden.

Is there a swimming pool in your future? Well, fall is the very best time for pool installation. The soil is more workable and the weather more stable so installation can proceed with fewer setbacks due to weather. Better working conditions also allow for less damage to surrounding landscaping and plenty of time for new plantings to get established over winter. If you would like your swimming pool or water garden to be sparkling and ready to enjoy with the first warm days of summer, now is the time to act.

Was there a soggy spot or runoff damage on your property after summer storms? A Rain Garden could be the solution to your surface water problems. It’s not often that we can solve a problem and improve the environment with a beautiful planting, but a Rain Garden does all of that and more. It can be a wonderful teaching tool for children and an attraction for songbirds and butterflies.

Fall is the time for planting bulbs for spring bloom. Nothing lifts the spirits after a long winter than the first bright crocuses and daffodils. A bold sweep of color can be had with a large planting of tulips and there are so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

This is also a good time to think about the winter landscape. Even if you don’t get out into the garden in cold weather, you can enjoy it from your windows and when coming and going from your house. The bold greens and cheery berries of hollies are always a welcome sight, but there are many other plants that bring beauty to the winter garden with their seed pods, curling bark, interesting branch structure and of course berries in many hues. A Wallace Landscape Associates landscape architect can help with many ideas for you to choose from to make next year the best ever in your garden.